Ever wished you could access locally grown produce on a regular basis? Want to make sure it is certified organic? Look no further; SOS Tiny Farm is up and running and can provide both!

An interest in cardio-pulmonary resuscitation that invaded a Conway 10th-graders consciousness has become a lifelong commitment by a lovely young woman to help others live happy and healthy lives.
Caitlyn Cook has developed a program called “Staying Alive: Be Red Cross Ready.” The program promotes all services the Red Cross offers while emphasizing Hands-Only CPR, a procedure that bystanders can provide for someone having a cardiac emergency until professional responders arrive.

John Pickett
John Pickett has taken a 5’x15’ plot of his backyard and turned it into a very productive vegetable garden. John said his garden is what is called an intensive planted garden, which allows him to grow more food in a smaller area.

Summer time is a busy time of year! With scheduling activities for the kids, juggling baseball and softball tournaments, summer camps…..the list goes on and on. But usually there will always be down times with the kids will say…..”I’m Bored!”

For most children the years spent in middle and high school are times of insecurity, stress and fear of the unknown future. But for Tyaris Warren, this seems not to be the case.
Born and raised in Conway, Tyaris is approaching her final year of high school. Withstanding some paperwork and formalities, Tyaris is due to graduate a year early in May 2017.

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For those people who will die someday, read this book. For those people who know someone who will die someday, read this book. For those facing chronic illness, read this book. For those with loved ones facing terminal illness, read this book. Everyone should read this book. It focuses on the single part of life that each and every person will experience someday, and that part of life is death.

When I was a little girl, I learned a song. “My God is so great, so strong and so mighty, there is nothing my God cannot do... for you!” Sometimes we need to be reminded of this simple, yet profound, truth. God is great and He is mighty. There is nothing that is too difficult for Him!

When my youngest daughter dislocated her foot from her ankle while jumping on the trampoline one fall afternoon, we hurried to the ER at Conway Regional to get her cared for and see what to do. She was around 6 years old at the time, and we were definitely much younger too — we were panicked parents! When something traumatic happens, especially to one of your loved ones, great angst sets in and we started looking for answers quickly! In a very short period of time they had her down for emergency surgery with Dr. Robert McCarron of Conway Orthopaedic Clinic.

In an attempt to take control of his medical condition, a man from Marshall visited Dr. Brian Blair at his practice location at Mayflower Medical Clinic. Encouraged by Dr. Blair, the man in his 40s has begun losing weight and is changing his lifestyle. Over a few months his A1C and cholesterol levels have begun dropping. While not currently in danger, the Marshall man was worried about the future, Dr. Blair said.
“He is being far-sighted,” said Dr. Blair. “He doesn’t want to have some real problems at 60.”

Conway Obstetrics & Gynecology welcomes Dr. Lauren Nolen to its practice. She will begin treating patients on July 18th at the College Avenue location.

July 1-8: Art on the Green Giveaway “Dream Piece” sponsored by Art on the Green; www.artonthegreen.net (PG)
July 1: First Folio Friday: “Walk Away with Your Own Folio” @ the Faulkner County Library; 3:00 p.m. Nancy@fcl.org (G)
July 1: Pre-Show Talk: Acting Shakespeare’s First Folio in Today’s Theatre @ UCA Art Lecture Hall; 6:30 p.m. www.arkshakes.com