Combining rustic charm with modern elegance, the Barn at Lollie is the perfect place to hold intimate weddings, baby showers and other festive events.
Located on a working farm, owned by the Schaefers family of Conway, the Barn at Lollie is the brainchild of the women in the Schaefers clan. They saw the possibility of utilizing available space on the farm on a full-time basis, rather than only part time during the fall for their annual corn maze.

Wood Wedding

Lauren and Jacob Wood of Conway met, fell in love and married in style, creating the wedding of their dreams.

Jamestown Ranch offers a wedding venue featuring several picturesque locations to create the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable wedding day.

Located just east of Wooster and only miles from Conway, Jamestown Ranch is home to David and Judi James. Married for more than 20 years and parents to three children, they desired land for horses and were in search of property. After searching for a few years, they found their ideal location in 2011, but hosting weddings was not part of the original plan. Luckily for brides of Central Arkansas, that all quickly changed.

The opening words of chapter two provide a heavy answer with the simple phrase, “Like everything: with mothers and fathers.”
Mothers and fathers and their mothers and fathers and their mothers and fathers ... isn’t this the answer to most all of life’s questions?
In her debut novel “Everything I Never Told You,” readers remain divided even after the final page as to whom “I” refers as well as “you.” The Lee family is full of oddities and nuances.

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Conway fifth grader Madalyn Prince is not necessarily unlike any pre-teen kiddo you know, and she tells people that confidently. If she had to choose one thing that sets her apart, she would point to her artwork.
“I don’t like to so something that pressures me into something. I’ve always really liked drawing, and I like learning new ways to do art.
“But I don’t always like to do things by request, like a face of someone or something like that. I mean, what if I get an eye wrong or something?” she asks in mock horror.

Some seasons in life are busy.
I just concluded this type of season. Let me tell you — it was hard, and I was overwhelmed. I would never try to hide this fact from you. Busy seasons are hard seasons. Even now, I am fighting the urge to tell you my list of things I had to accomplish. My list was long, and it seemed impossible. Can you relate?

St. Joseph Catholic School has been providing Conway Regional Hospital with a children’s art display for the past 13 years.
This display is located on the fourth floor of the hospital and made up of student artwork, Kindergarten through 6th grade.
The students take great pride when their work is selected for the display.
The school has always received good feedback from patients who have spent time in the hospital. Playful children’s artwork can lift the spirit of patients and help in the healing process.

Selling a family home is not only an emotional experience for some families, but also an analytical process of determining what changes should be done to incur minimal costs while selling the home faster.
By determining what needs to be done before listing the property, the homeowner can be assured that the home will show at its best the first time ... and every time!
In some cases, new and current trends in design can be used to “update” the home with minimal costs. In other cases, simply de-cluttering can go a long way.

If you talk to anyone involved with the Arkansas Shakespeare Theatre (AST) for long, you are bound to hear the word “family.” And you don’t have to look too deep into the trenches to find out why. Leading this Conway-based company is an extraordinary group who work together to not only bring Shakespeare’s plays to life for a new generation, but also strive to create a genuine sense of family amongst their staff, actors, volunteers, and the local community itself.