A new addition to Conway, S7 Tactical, offers training services and a private-member, referral-based club with a shooting range scheduled to open this fall.
S7 is owned by Conway residents Ryan and Tara Stephens and Trip and Courtney Leach.
The Stephens are parents to Logan, 7, and Brooklyn, 4, and moved to Conway from California three years ago for Ryan’s job.
“We love Arkansas,” Tara said.

We celebrate fatherhood. And rightly so! Being a dad is among the most difficult yet unspeakably rewarding roles a man endeavors. As we honor fathers this month, may we also find men who will stand in the gap for those without a father-figure. After all, if our God is Father to the fatherless, how could we, who are called to be imitators of him, be anything less?

When one thinks of writing their life story, visions of pen, paper and computers come into mind. For Brad Lacy, his story is told with brick, mortar and lots of love.

The reason Joe Whisenhunt is a huge supporter of the arts at the University of Central Arkansas is not only because he’s a Board of Trustees member, but because of a much more personal connection. The Conway businessman is working to continue the efforts started by his mother more than 40 years ago.
Last year, the Whisenhunt family dedicated a $250,000 gift to UCA in memory of Margaret Whisenhunt, who helped establish the Friends of Music, an organization that works to enhance the student experience in the Department of Music.

Recently I sat down with two of my favorite folks, who just happen to be two of our most valued and esteemed AST company members. Chad Bradford and Jordy Neill have been with AST several seasons. Audiences will remember them in last year’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream, with Chad as Oberon and Jordy as Tom Snout (The Wall). These two talented actors and musicians were also involved in last year’s touring production of Twelfth Night — Chad directed the production, and Jordy entertained audiences with his hilarious Sir Toby Belch.

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Wyatt Toal, 15, is a very motivated and determined young man. The son of Jimmy and Audrea Toal, this Conway 9th grader is diligently working to become an Eagle Scout. But becoming an Eagle Scout is not for the faint of heart. Less than five percent of all scouts actually achieve this rank.

By Susan O’Keefe

Check the list this year. For dear ole dad, what can you do? Does a pair of socks adequately express your sentiments? How about a new tie, or maybe a personally crafted artistic piece for the man who has trained, tutored, cheered, and chided? Here’s a novel idea. Consider giving him a story, a story to read, a story to enjoy, a story to digest and then discuss. A few Father’s Day selections are below.

Have you experienced traveling “hiccups?” Have you missed your flight, picked the wrong lane of traffic and got stuck, or missed an exit? These things happen to me all of the time!
Recently I was traveling overseas and found myself in an usually sticky travel situation. The plan was simple. Our group would fly out of Little Rock to Dallas. We would fly from Dallas to Beijing, and then fly from Beijing to our final destination.

Kicking off with a lecture Sept. 25 by Dr. Henry Louis Gates Jr. as part of the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the desegregation of Little Rock Central High School, Reynolds Performance Hall will feature a record 23 events for the 2017-18 season at the University of Central Arkansas.
The season will include Broadway, Pops and Night Out Series, two Distinguished Lectures and two Add-On Specials as well as six Main Stage EdUCAtion shows and a benefit performance for Main Stage.

June 2017 Events – Please check out the event website for more information and pricing.

Pet owners love many things about having companion animals. But flea and tick infestations are probably not on the list of things pet owners love about their furry friends.
Few pets will go their lifetimes without experiencing fleas and/or ticks. Understanding common flea and tick behaviors can help pet owner’s better handle infestations.
Fleas and ticks do more than just create irritating skin ailments for dogs and cats. Fleas and ticks also can transmit diseases to pets and even people.

Could any food be as simplistic and delicious at the same time as a patty of beef on top of a crusty bun, served with lettuce, tomato and your choice of condiments? Burgers are the go-to item for barbecues, campouts, fast-food meals and late night trips to the diner.
If ever there was a recipe to master, it would be grilling the
perfect burger. Though barbecued burgers may seem easy to
make, all too often burgers are botched by a few mistakes. But
don’t worry, burger mastery is within reach if you follow these
simple tips.