DeFoors are leaders in Conway education

“Back to school” has a special significance in the home of Stacy and Stephanie DeFoor of Conway each year, as both work in administration for the Conway Public School District. Stacy assumed the position of principal at Florence Mattison Elementary on Conway’s east side this year, and Stephanie returns as instructional facilitator at Marguerite Vann Elementary, in the heart of Conway, for the third year.
Now parents to Caleb, 14; Devin, 11; and Haley, 9; their’s is a love story that began at ... McDonald’s!

Kendrick’s career for CPS keeps parents informed

Heather Kendrick, Conway Public Schools’ new communication specialist, is the perfect woman for the job. Her experience and infectiously upbeat personality are assets in the newly-created role, a role she feels she has been preparing for her whole life.

Preston Palmer has developed his love for music into a business he says has one goal — to produce life-long musicians.
He opened Preston Palmer Studios in Conway in 2012, hoping to fill a need in the area for instruction and appreciation of the value music has for each of his students.
“I wanted to invest in the industry,” he says. “I taught for years, and I wanted to expand on that.”

Local women’s group gets together for annual Back-to-School Party

Women rely on friendships and find all kinds of reasons to gather together. Book clubs, bridge groups and Bunko are just a few groups formed in the name of female companionship. Then, there are The Doodles.
Spend 10 minutes with this group of ladies, and by all appearances they have been friends for a lifetime. However, their friendship began just five years ago when Pattie Howse had the idea to reach out to this unique group of women.

Lori Harwell is all about building up — whether it be helping a town rebound from a disaster or helping women feel great about who they are.
Through her new business, Harwell Boutique and Design, Lori believes she has found a way to help the city of Vilonia recover from the devastating 2014 tornado, while also giving Faulkner County women a place to shop for cute, unique and self-defining clothing.

When I was in high school, I regularly walked or jogged in my neighborhood late at night. I often became nervous when I heard a sound or saw a shadow. To remain calm, I focused my attention completely on the glowing streetlights. Imagine the scene as I ran from streetlight to streetlight. As I focused on the light, the darkness around me no longer affected me.

For one week each fall Conway is home to the city’s annual ArtsFest, a celebration of music, visual art, theatre, dance, creative writing, and film. This will be the ninth year for the festival, which will be held September 26-October 3, 2015.

September Arts Events – Please check out the event website for more information and pricing.

September 1-4
Dying City @UCA Snow Fine Arts 210; 7:30 p.m. (A)
September 2-12
Primary Developments outdoor public art installation by sculptor Dan Steinhilber @ UCA’s Baum Gallery Lawn; Unveiling Celebration Sept. 12; 11 a.m.; (G)
September 5
Dying City @UCA Snow Fine Arts 210; 2:00 p.m. (A)
September 10
Faculty Chamber Recital @ UCA Snow Fine Arts Recital Hall; 7:30 p.m. (G)
September 10

By Angela Jackson

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