Love is in the air…especially with our couple on the cover this month. Charlie and Charlotte Nabholz are “excellent examples of how patience, faith, and perseverance can result in true happiness.” This couple has just celebrated 50 years of marriage, and they have mentored engaged couples at their church for more than 20 years. Happiness in their marriage is a priority to the Nabholz’ and they graciously share their secrets to a lasting marriage. Check out our cover story on page 6 of this issue.

About the Couple
The couple has four children: Greg Nabholz; Gwen Nabholz Azar, who is married to Steve; Sarah Nabholz Mitchell; and Camilla Nabholz Williamson, who is married to Lance. They also have seven grandchildren, three girls and four boys.

These are all words describing Conway’s Rocket Fizz Soda Pop & Candy Shop on Oak Street downtown.
“There was nothing like it in Arkansas,” says manager Diana Brewer. “We picked Conway first because it was really starting to grow, and we had been hearing about that. We are just a good fit downtown. There’s that nostalgic feel, and it is a good location for us.”

Science has proven that peptides can reduce wrinkles in your skin and reverse the signs of aging. So how do peptides in skin care products make your skin look younger? Many skin care products contain them, so just what are peptides?

Frumpy clothing beware! Southern Savvy boutique in Greenbrier is kicking you to the curb and bringing awesome fashion for all shapes and sizes to the forefront.
Ashton Snowden Pruitt, 27, is the owner of this smartly decorated and designed shop in the heart of Greenbrier. Southern Savvy is the rebirth of a dream that started inside of a salon in Clinton a little over a year ago.

As I walked, I saw an elderly couple that lives down the street. I visit with this couple from time to time, but we are not close friends. We talk about their health, which isn’t good, and my kids, and we let our dogs sniff noses. When I saw this sweet couple in their yard, I decided to stop and visit. It was a short visit but a nice one; and I was happy to hear that they were doing well. As we talked, I noticed that my heart did not seem as heavy as when I left my house. My mind was not swirling with all the details of life.

Although some are ready to say their fond farewells to 2014, thought needs to be given to the 12 months that just passed as tax-filing season approaches.Tax season is here, but it’s never too soon to begin preparations for filing income taxes. Some people prefer to toast the new year and then arrange appointments with their accountants, while others use the new year as an opportunity to get organized and start compiling paperwork and tax questions.

Chase Race and Paws
March 7 is the date for the 10th Annual Chase Race and Paws. You may register online at
This is the third year for the new course. The race will start/finish at Simon Park, 805 Spring St., Conway.

Conway Regional President & CEO Jim Lambert emphasized the importance of recruiting more physicians to Faulkner County, the positive impact of the Private Option for Arkansas hospitals and the cost and health benefits of corporate wellness plans at the third annual Conway Regional State of Health Luncheon held at Central Baptist College on Jan. 13.
For the past several years, Lambert said Conway Regional has been working hard to recruit enough physicians to Conway to keep up with the growing population of Faulkner County.

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