2014 Readers' Choice Awards Results

Our readers have spoken, and the winner of “On my birthday, take me to dinner at…” is Pasta Grill of downtown Conway! The successful restaurant is owned by Suzanne and Wes Hall and was opened in October 2012. Of the decision to establish Pasta Grill, Suzanne shares, “We looked at a lot of buildings in several different areas before we settled on downtown Conway. We always pray and trust that God will lead us where we need to go and He always does. We love being a part of historic downtown areas. Our very first restaurant, in 1994, was in the oldest building in downtown Russellville.”

Dr. Susan DeBlack is thrilled to be the winner of Women’s Inc.’s favorite local optometrist! Dr. DeBlack is a graduate of the University of Houston College of Optometry. She founded DeBlack Eye Care, located in West Conway, in 2006.

Congratulations are in order for “My favorite veterinarian,” Dr. Greg Hartman of Hartman Animal Hospital! Dr. Hartman is married to Amy, and the couple has three children: Isabella, Mary, and Kyle. They also have three pets, including dogs Zack and Bo and cat, Sadie.

Our readers chose perennial favorite, Cajun Brothers Furniture as the winner of “My dream home would be filled with furniture from….” Cajun Brothers opened in 1994 and Chad and Justin Jeane are the owners. Justin is married to Jayme, and they have two children, Fisher, 12 and Brooke, 8. Chad is married to Tracy, and they also have two children, Katherine, 15 and Anna Beth, 12.


Nancy Williams loves living in The Village at Hendrix, and not just because her home is beautiful.
“I’m a social person. I love to get out and visit,” she said.
When Williams got ready to build in The Village, she had been a widow for 10 years, she said. She lived in the Adamsbrook subdivision and had just been through a terrible summer drought, and the thought of taking care of her yard for another year was simply too much. The idea of having neighbors nearby to keep her company was also very attractive. The Village lifestyle seemed very appealing to her.

Olive oil is healthy for both cooking and skin and hair care. Extra virgin olive oil, which is a less refined form, is both the most flavorful and the best for your health. It’s a monounsaturated fat, one that helps reduce bad cholesterol (LCD) in your blood, says mayclinic.com
• Olive oil is made by crushing oliv3es, then pressing them to extract the oil. Extra virgin olive oil is the oil extracted only from the first press. It is considered the best and possesses a richer flavor than the chemically processed regular olive oil.

Micro needling is the buzz right now in skin care. I have spent the last year researching devices to offer at our facility. I decided on the Dermatude META therapy and the results have been incredible. Here is some information I have found on this age management treatment.

What is META therapy?

Conway is a great place to live. My husband, Jay, and I have lived in this city for 17 years, which is almost our entire married life. I really can’t believe that we have lived in one place that long. Without a doubt, Conway is home for us. We have great friends, a great church, and enjoy all aspects of this thriving community--- even the traffic!

“It is a chore to read at times, but oh, what a gift I would have forfeited had I quit before the final page,” said an avid reader who was at the same time embarrassed that she hadn’t read this novel sooner and relieved to now be on the other side as a consumer.

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