How often do I need to see my gynecologist and will I get a pap smear?

Patrons of Conway’s Bodyworks Spa are greeted with a sense of tranquility. Scents of lemongrass and mint and the sound of running water add to the spa’s aura. Spa co-owner Chasity Campbell exudes this same calm; she appears fresh, rested and upbeat, which is a stark contrast to her condition just two years ago.

The Blue Kite boutique in downtown Conway gives local artisans a place to sell their creations, and the store also tries to offer locally-made products at a reasonable price.
Owner Marla Stanton started the business in Springhill in August of 2012. After a year, she moved to 1103 Oak St., where she has become a thriving member of downtown. She explained how the business came to be.

Summertime can be a fun relaxing time for the kids; it’s a chance for them to get a nice break from school, but often times this can lead to boredom. So how fun would it be to get those kids in the kitchen and start teaching them some of your “tried and true” recipes?

Let the kids plan an entire meal — start to finish, for the family.
• Let them plan the menu
• Make a budget
• Make a grocery list
• Let the kids shop for the ingredients
• Plan a prep day — let them mess up the kitchen prepping your main course a day ahead
• Dessert can be made ahead of time


Reggie Marshall of Marshall Clements helped Stacy Fulmer transform her home in Sunderlin Park into a comfortable and welcoming space for family and friends.
Reggie created a light feel with oversized mirrors, neutral colors and a mix of linen fabrics.
All the rooms are painted a rich taupe, with a dark cream trim. Stacy said she decided to create a consistent look throughout the home about two years ago.
“My home is an extension of me,” Stacy said. “I’m a calm person and I wanted my home to feel that way.”

In therapy I often reference with my clients what is known as the cognitive triad. This states the way we think, affects how we feel and our feelings affect our actions. SLOW DOWN ... If we’ve heard this once, then we’ve probably heard it a thousand times, but does it actually make us approach our life any differently? Perhaps for the moment or for the day. I would like to challenge you to start thinking of your minutes, hours and days as priceless blessings that you will never get back; because that is exactly what they are.

In a fast paced world that values quick decisions and easy resolutions, how do we embrace a life that waits on God and watches for His move? The answer is simple. We just do it. Waiting and watching occurs each time we live a life that responds to God’s leadership and direction. This type of life requires deep faith, spiritual focus, and a heart that trusts God even when the outcome is unknown to us.


If you’re hosting a party in your yard, mow your grass and make sure your lawn is free of debris and toys. Quickly sweep off your patio or porch, and wipe up cobwebs or anything else that might be unappetizing.

2 CLEAN UP INSIDE (at least a little!)

Even though the party is on the outside, it is a good idea to at least tidy up the entry, kitchen and bathroom on the inside. Your guests will likely see all of these spaces at some point in the evening.


Review by Susan O’Keefe

“Spring Fever” is definitely a beach read. It’s a bit dramalicious, mixed with a hint of honeysuckle. If you listen hard enough, you’ll hear the theme from “Dallas” playing in the background. Again, this is a beach read. There are life lessons and funny moments, but mostly, it’s small, Southern town charm, family business debacles and marrying for love instead of a country club membership.

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