Lasting Legacy

The reason Joe Whisenhunt is a huge supporter of the arts at the University of Central Arkansas is not only because he’s a Board of Trustees member, but because of a much more personal connection.

Ringing in the Ears

Tinnitus is often described as roaring, buzzing, crickets, hissing, static, humming, or ringing. It may be louder or softer at times and is most noticeable when it’s quiet. Many people have it and simply learn to ignore it, but others can’t seem to ignore it and are bothered constantly.

The Way Maker

Have you experienced traveling “hiccups?” Have you missed your flight, picked the wrong lane of traffic and got stuck, or missed an exit? These things happen to me all of the time!

The Path of an Eagle Scout

Wyatt Toal, 15, is a very motivated and determined young man. The son of Jimmy and Audrea Toal, this Conway 9th grader is diligently working to become an Eagle Scout. But becoming an Eagle Scout is not for the faint of heart. Less than five percent of all scouts actually achieve this rank.

Never giving up

Ashley Salter of Conway proves the path to parenthood is not always a straight line….rather, it can include the twists and turns that come with unexpected. Regardless, the end result is always more than worth the journey.

Just Bug Off

Did you ever wish you were a frog? No? Well, neither have I to be honest. But if we were frogs at least we could “eat what bugs us” to quote some lyrics from a children’s musical at our church that my wife directed a number of years ago.

Hearing vs. Understanding

Our ability to hear is not the same as our ability to understand. Hearing sensitivity is a function of the ear. Speech understanding is a function of the brain. The outer ear, ear drum, ossicles, cochlea etc. function to collect sound and transmit it to the auditory cortex of the brain.

Flower Power

“Florals? For spring? Groundbreaking.” Miranda Priestley’s famed remark from The Devil Wears Prada may live on in infamy. That said, each year we get a better reoccurrence of this oldie-but-goodie, and there are new ways to make this old look seem cool again.