A classic review

With more than four hundred pages of extensively expressive sentence structures, this timeless tale will be a fall favorite. Grab a throw. Find a comfy chair, and become enraptured in the romance and mystery shrouding this piece of British literature.


Any pizza is good pizza! I like to make a traditional pizza with Marinara sauce instead of pizza sauce. To me, the texture is better. Pre-made pizza crust is quick and easy, and most partially-baked crusts are perfect for a quick dinner.

Homeschooling: 101

My family is entering our sixth year of homeschooling this fall, and after all this time the kids and I still get “first-day-back-to-school jitters” as excitement builds in anticipation of beginning our studies for the new year.

ArtsFest X

Each fall, artists and arts organizations from all over Conway join together for the weeklong ArtsFest — a celebration of all things art. This year will mark the 10th anniversary of the festival, themed “ArtsFest X: Conway Marks the Spot” and will be held from Sept. 23-Oct. 1.