It matters what we want

My son volunteered to take me to the gym. He is sixteen. I am forty. He is athletic. I am not. I took the challenge. It was not pretty. We started by warming up on the bicycles. To be honest, I felt like the “warm up” was a pretty good workout. I was ready to call it a day after two miles.


One could argue that the story is as indescribable and unusual as the main character’s facial features. The boy tells us up front and unapologetically that he won’t describe what he looks like, because “whatever you’re thinking, it’s probably worse.”

What’s the beef about?

Beef comes in various types like; ground beef, ground chunk, ground round, and different steaks. However, ground beef is the most frequently purchased type of beef and the largest beef item sold in the food stores. Ground chuck is the beef that comes from front beef shoulders.


Twelve-year-old boys are often described as “fearless,” and Avery Moore is certainly an example. But he’s not skateboarding down stair rails or experimenting with extreme sports. Avery stuck his neck out in a goodwill business adventure, designing T-shirts with his trademarked giraffe logo.

True to tradition

In 2014, Rik and Lynne Sowell were ready to downsize. Putting together a “wants” list for their new home brought them to a crossroads — she wanted to move to Old Town Conway, and he wanted a brand new house. Their solution?

Strain Food Drive

Over 12,400 food items were collected from contestants in the 2016 Strain photography/Simply Sweet Kids boutique supermodel contest. The child who collected and donated the most cans was the winner. Jolie Kate Garrison of Greenbrier was this year’s winner.