Tara Mallett

How long have you been at the Log Cabin Democrat? 5 years
What was your first job (of any nature)? My first job was working part time at Impressions Tanning Salon.


ZAZA Fine Salad & Wood Oven Pizza Co. of Conway is our “Best Of” winner for “Best Salad” and runner-up for both “Best Place to Meet the Girls for Lunch” and “I Entertain Business Clients for Lunch at….”

Take a break

It’s time for you to take a break, let Moppin Mommas clean for goodness sake!
Moppin’ Mommas, voted best at cleaning my home/office by Women’s Inc. readers, is a professional residential and commercial cleaning service.

A classic review

With more than four hundred pages of extensively expressive sentence structures, this timeless tale will be a fall favorite. Grab a throw. Find a comfy chair, and become enraptured in the romance and mystery shrouding this piece of British literature.


Any pizza is good pizza! I like to make a traditional pizza with Marinara sauce instead of pizza sauce. To me, the texture is better. Pre-made pizza crust is quick and easy, and most partially-baked crusts are perfect for a quick dinner.