Kelly Sublett

The Path of an Eagle Scout

Wyatt Toal, 15, is a very motivated and determined young man. The son of Jimmy and Audrea Toal, this Conway 9th grader is diligently working to become an Eagle Scout. But becoming an Eagle Scout is not for the faint of heart. Less than five percent of all scouts actually achieve this rank.

A Step Ahead

For most children the years spent in middle and high school are times of insecurity, stress and fear of the unknown future. But for Tyaris Warren, this seems not to be the case.


Twelve-year-old boys are often described as “fearless,” and Avery Moore is certainly an example. But he’s not skateboarding down stair rails or experimenting with extreme sports. Avery stuck his neck out in a goodwill business adventure, designing T-shirts with his trademarked giraffe logo.

Art on her own time

Conway fifth grader Madalyn Prince is not necessarily unlike any pre-teen kiddo you know, and she tells people that confidently. If she had to choose one thing that sets her apart, she would point to her artwork.

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